Top Three New Releases in November

Happy November!

I love this time of year so much. New books, cooler weather, sweaters, Christmas decorations coming out soon! It’s all the best. There are fewer books this month than last but I am still very excited (and I also think it will give me a small chance to catch up on books I have not read yet)!

Book One: Girls of Paper and Fire

34433755I want to start out by saying, I really enjoyed this book! I received an ARC copy over the summer (see Instagram for the unboxing) and I loved it. I read it kind of recently and the review is up on my site. I thought the plot was fresh, the characters were amazing, and the world was unique. So without further ado let’s get into a summary.

Summary: **For further details please see the review for this book on my site! I do not want to give away too much here.

Lei is part of the paper caste, the lower and most opposed class in Ikhara. She lives in a remote village with her father where she saw her mother taken away years ago. The guards came and took her, and now they are back to take Lei. Over several weeks Lei and other girls are trained to become the King’s consort however, Lei falls in love, which is forbidden. How will this love effect her future as a consort? What about her golden eyes that make her so special?

Release Date: November 6th, 2018

Book Two: Archenemies

35425827I want to preface this one by admitting I have still not read Renegades! I know, I know, it is an amazing book! I do own a copy and it is high on my TBR because I am pumped to get into that world it just sounds awesome, so I am sure the sequel is just as awesome.

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

The anarchists have a secret weapon, and Nova thinks it will protect her. However, the Renegades have their own idea about how they can overpower the anarchists. But both Nova and Adrian know that if this plan goes through it could Galton city and the entire world!

Release Date: November 6th, 2018

Book Three: Little White Lies

36321744So much like the first book in this list, I have already read this! I was lucky enough to be given an ARC copy in the ebook version and I really enjoyed it. It was a relaxing read for me that I found to be a little thrilling but also funny at times. I am going to keep my summary short so as not to spoil things for people who would like to read the book. However, if you would like to know more please see my full review!

Summary: **For further details please see the review for this book on my site! I do not want to give away too much here.

Sawyer Taft’s estrangled grandmother reaches out to her one day to offer her a job of sorts. She tells Sawyer that is she participates in debutante season she will pay her six figures, this contract would benefit Sawyer not only finically but also because she wants to know more about her father and this might just be her ticket. So, of course, Sawyer signs on the dotted line, not fully realizing the world she is about to throw herself into. A world of old money, family rivalries, and lots of skeletons in closets.

Release Date: November 6th, 2018


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