November 2019 New Reads!!

It is November!! This is one of my favorite times of the year. I love fall and winter. I love the holidays and I love all the new shows, books, and movies that get released during this time. I feel like I can never keep up but I still love it. Currently, I am watching season two of The Marvelous Ms. Maisel (I love this show and I wish I had gotten around to season two sooner but I am way behind on my television and movies). November also happens to be my birthday month and the month where I deck my house out for Christmas. This is the first year living in my new townhouse and it has tons of space, so I am excited to buy more decorations and deck the halls!!

Book One: The Queen of Nothing

26032912._SY475_Okay! I have to try and keep calm while writing this. I am going to admit as of the time of writing this post I have not yet read the second book in The Cruel Prince series and I know this is the final book but I flew through the first book. I loved this book so much. I ordered the second book right away and I can not wait to have this book in my possession (so I can go from reading the second book right into the last book). With that being said I will not be summarizing this book because I do not want to spoil anything for myself but I will say if you have not yet checked out this series definitely do that! It is well worth the read! Also something of note just about my bookcase. I do not usually buy special editions, however, after reading the Cruel Prince I really wanted the Barnes and Noble edition of the second book and then I ordered the Barnes and Noble edition of this last book! This is something I never do but I just loved these books and I loved the look of the Barnes and Noble editions so much.

Release Date: Nov 19th (Not soon enough)!!!

Book Two: The Guinevere Deception

43568394I love Kiersten White books, I think I own the majority of the books she has written. I heard about this one a while back when I saw the cover image and fell deeply in love because I thought the cover looked drop-dead gorgeous and I loved the deep blue color. I knew I needed to read this book and that I needed to add it to my beautiful Kiersten White collection.

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

Princess Guinevere has arrived in Camelot to marry a charming and charismatic stranger named King Arthur. This idea for the Princess to marry King Arthur was Merlin’s, he thinks it will help to protect the city. However, everything is not what it seems and Guinevere is not just a Princess but also a changeling. She has given up everything including her real name and her true identity to help protect Camelot. But can she save Camelot? Will her marriage to King Arthur work out?

Release Date: Nov 5th

Book Three: Supernova

42771754This is another series finale that I am super excited for. I bought the first book in the series when it came out and I have tried to listen to the audiobook a few times but I have never been successful however I have wanted to spend time sitting down with the physical book. I know I would enjoy this story (or at least I believe I would) but I do not think the audiobook is for me. There are some books that I really love but the audiobook version is just not for me. I intend to pick up the second book in the series soon (probably when I order this last book). I like to be able to binge read a series if the option is available. Just like with Queen of Nothing I do not want to summarize this book as to spoil anything for myself. I know since I have not fully read the first book it should not matter but I know enough about the first book and have read enough of it to not want to spoil anything with a summary of the third! I will also say that the covers for these books are drop-dead gorgeous and the colors are so vibrant and brilliant. Also if you have not read anything by Marissa Meyer definitely do so.

Release Date: Nov 5th

Book Four: The Toll

37632682._SY475_Deep Breaths… Guys! The Toll is finally coming out. Now I did not wait as long as everyone because I slept on this series for far too long. I bought Scythe when it came out in paperback and I read it recently. Check out my review on my site here or my nightstand stack post on the homepage here on my site! I then bought Thunderhead in paperback and it is in my current nightstand stack and I am more than ready to dive into this beauty of a book! So this means I am not going to be summarizing the Toll because I am not going to come anywhere close to anything that might spoil any sort of plot for me. I love this series so much and I really want anything ruined for me. If you have not already do not be like me, do not sleep on the Scythe series! Read this series now, pick up a copy ASAP you will not regret it.

Release Date: Nov 5th

Book Five: Starsight

43979540This one is also a sequel! So many sequels and conclusions this fall it’s great! I love being able to read further in a series or read more. I have not yet read the first book in this series or any Brandon Sanderson series for that matter, however, I was so intrigued by this one I picked up the first book last year and I recently picked up the audiobook to try out! Like with the other sequels on this list I really do not want to summarize and give too much away for myself (I think this may become my new habit, especially if I have already read some of the other books in the series). Additionally, I really love the covers on these books and once I finish setting up my new library area would love to have these two displayed on a shelf.

Release Date: Nov 26th (My Birthday)!!!

Book Six: Blood Heir

38205707._SY475_I heard about this book forever ago in some sort of controversy online, I never really looked into what the controversy surrounding the book was and honestly, I do not know if I want to know. I want to read the book and make gather my own thoughts on the topics and plot before I look into whatever happened if I ever do! I was first drawn to this book because of the cover (I am such a cover buyer) but then I read the plot and I was like this sounds super interesting! Ever since then I have been waiting for my chance to pick this one up!

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

In this empire, there are some people that have Affinites. These are different abilities that help them to control the world. However, these gifts are unnatural and dangerous. The crown Princess of the Empire, Anastacya has a secret, her affinity is in blood and it’s kind of more of a curse. It’s caused her to live a hidden life. But one day her father the current emporoer is murdered and the whole world is turned upside down. In order to save her own life she must flee her home and find this murderer. Can Ana live up to this task? Or will she find the corruption in the Empire is too strong?

Release Date: Nov 19th


Book Seven: Girls of Shadow and Storm

43558747This is another sequel book! I do own the first book in the series (I was super lucky to receive an ARC of it from the publisher in exchange for an honest review before it came out)! You can check out there review here on my site on the reviews page or over on my Goodreads. However, that means I will definitely not be spoiling myself for this sequel. I like many people have been waiting for this for what feels like forever and I do not want anything to be spoiled before I can read it for myself. Also, these covers are so pretty to look at! I love the deep and rich colors and how the eyes always pop. So definitely if you have not yet check out book one.

Release Date: Nov 5th

Book Eight: Winterwood

40148425._SY475_Deep Breaths because Winterwood is finally about to be here (at the time of writing this it is already out but I just ordered my copy last night when I could not find it in stores near me and the pretty special hardcover first editions would be sold out soon). If you have not seen what the first edition hardcovers look like get yourself over to the author’s Twitter because they are drop-dead gorgeous with and without the paper cover on it. Also if you do drop into her Twitter she has shared some free really pretty phone backgrounds for this book!

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

Beware of the dark, especially the dark in the woods around the town of Fir Haven. Rumor around town is that the woods are magical some people even say they are haunted. Only one person knows the truth, Nora Walker. Nora and all the Walker women before her have shared the truth with each other about the woods. It’s this connection that leads her to Oliver. Oliver also happens to be a boy who went missing three weeks ago from a camp during the worst storm in years. Oliver should be dead but somehow he is a alive in the middle of the woods with no memory of the events that lead him there. Nora can feel something is wrong, something about Oliver and his time in the woods is not right and despite what she may feel for him she knows she must discover what he can not remember in order to solve these secrets.

Release Date: Nov 5th

There are a lot of other books I am looking forward to in this month like Starless Sea, and the sequel to Little White Lies (look for that post soon, I have been doing a reread)! Also lots of new games, television shows, and movies to discover too! Let me know what some of your favorite books, movies, shows, or games from November are!

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