Top 15 Must Reads of July 2018

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Last month I tried to make a calendar of new releases and it really limited how many books I could include because I could only fit so many on the calendar. This is mostly a factor of many books being released on Tuesdays, which also made the calendar look kinda empty the rest of the month. So I am trying something new for the July releases and we will see how this goes! Each book mentioned here has a picture of the book, the link to the book’s Goodreads (click on the title), a summary on the book, release date, and any thoughts I have on the book. So let’s jump in and I hope you enjoy!

**Also these are of course not all the July releases.

Book One: Bright We Burn

22817368The first book I am going to talk about is Bright We Burn by Kiersten White and is the third book in the Conqueror’s Saga. Which I would like to start by admitting I have not read yet but I really want to. Let’s just say these covers are drop dead gorgeous but I also have heard nothing but good things about the books.

Summary: **Since I have not read these books I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

Radu must return to the new capital after all the sacrifices in Constantinople and Mehmed is now building his empire up in this stunning third book. Mehmed is now emperor of the people and more powerful than ever but also more alone than ever. Meanwhile, Lada’s rule has made Wallachia free of crime but in order to send a message to Mehmed, she has the bodies of the peace envoy sent to him. This will leave Mehmed and Radu no choice and they now must deal with Lada. So together Mehmed and Radu plan to go to war against Lada. However, just like with any other war there are complications one of which includes Mehmed being in love with Lada. Additionally, Radu is concerned that they are underestimating Lada. Who will win? What will happen to the crown? Who will rule?

Release Date: July 10th, 2018

Book Two: Grace and Fury

36546635The next book I want to talk about is Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart. This is a book I was lucky enough to get an ebook ARC of and have posted about on here and on my Instagram. If you look at the review on here (or Goodreads) there may be some spoilers, so I want to apologize in advance. However, I really loved this book it gave me some Selection Series vibes which is one of my favorite series (so read both if you haven’t).


This book centers around two girls Serina and Nomi. These two girls are destined for two very different lives. Serina has been taught her entire life so she can become a Grace someone who stands by the heir to the throne as an example of the perfect woman. However, Nomi is the one who catches the eye of the heir but this is a small problem and not because Nomi was not groomed for the job but because she has a really large secret that if it gets out would mean a lot of trouble for her.

Release Date: July 31st, 2018

Book Three: Scream All Night

32928987The next book we will look at that is coming out in July is Scream All Night by Derek Milman. I want to start by saying I have not read this book but I am intensely excited for it to come out. Everything about this book sounds like something that would be right up my alley.

Summary: **Again I have summarized this from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not yet read this but stay tuned for a review as soon as it is out!

This book centers around Dario, the son of a film director. This film director, however, works at Moldavia and makes B list creature feature horror movies. Dario has been emancipated from his father for three years and he never wants to return to the studio, however, one day Dario’s brother invites him to come back. They are holding a tribute to the first film and Dario decides to go and tells himself it will be closure and a one-time thing. He will also get to see Hayley his first love when he goes back for the tribute. However, once Dario is there is gets sucked back into the tragedy and has to help save the sinking studio and face his own demons.

Release Date: July 24th, 2018

Book Four: The Supervillian and Me

35795943Now I want to talk about the Supervillian and Me by Danielle Banas. This is one I just learned about not too long ago and I am beyond excited for. I really love superheroes and all the fun things that can happen in a high school setting so this sounds like the book for me.

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

Abby’s older brother moonlights as a hero, the famous Red Comet, however, Abby has no powers of her own so she will not be living that superhero life. That is until one day when the newest vigilante in town saves Abby from an attempted mugging. From here Abby becomes convinced that there are much bigger threats to the town out there. Abby follows her new friends into the darkest parts of the city learning all about heroes, villains, and the city.

Release Date: July 10th, 2018

Book Five: Campfire

36504059This next one is another horror book. I have to admit I was never super into horror books or movies until I read the Merciless books and they changed my world. Now I love reading and watching horror.This book is Campfire by Shawn Sarles. I have heard nothing but good things about this book and I am excited to get it and maybe save it for a spooky October day.

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

Maddie and her family and friends are camping in a remote location when they gather around the campfire at night and decide to tell some scary stories. Caleb their guide tells them the story of the Moutain men who hunt campers (this is something of a local lore around the camp), these men leave their mark by carving antlers into their victim’s heads. However, the next day this very story starts to come try for Maddie and her friends and family. So now they are lost in the woods with no way out and some of their worst nightmares coming to life. Even the stories that were worse than this one.

Release Date: July 17th, 2018

Book Six: The Girl You Thought I Was

35720700The Girl You Thought I Was by Rebecca Phillips is another book I found not long ago and have heard some great things about. I had an immediate interest in this book after learning about it and wanted to get my hands on it ASAP. So once this comes out you can be sure I plan to read and review it.

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

Morgan Kemper the main character has some seriously sticky fingers. However, no one knows this about her, it’s her biggest secret that for over a year now she has been shoplifting clothes and makeup. On the outside, she seems like a sweet and together girl but on the inside, she has this big secret she never wants anyone to know. However, on day Morgan gets caught and is sentenced to community service. Which she hopes to finish without anyone finding out. But Morgan meets a boy and she will have to make the choice to conceal the truth or tell everyone what she has been up to.

Release Date: July 31st, 2018

Book Seven: Fawkes

36576048This next book I have been waiting and waiting for. I would have sqeeked if I had gotten an ARC. It seems right up my alley and I am so here for it. Fawkes by Nadine Brandes is one London adventure I can not wait for.


Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

This book is set in 17th century London (which I love London and history so, yes!!). The King is calling for peace but none of the people are listening so when he calls for death they start to listen. In this book, there are many different people, for example, the Keepers and the Ignitors both of whom blame the other for starting the plague. However, our character Thomas already has the stone plague and it is spreading so if he does not act fast he will be stone soon. One day his father Guy Fawkes invites him to join the gunpowder plot, he says this could end the plague so Thomas is in. However, the gunpowder plot would destroy the family of the girl he loves. So what will Thomas do? Will the plague spread?

Release Date: July 10th, 2018

Book Eight: The Cheerleaders

30969755The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas is at the tippy top of my TBR list. I have been waiting for this book impatiently for months now and when it comes out I intend to read it ASAP. If you have yet to hear of this book check it out, then add it to your TBR ASAP. I love mystery/thriller type books that have lots of suspense and this seems just like one of those.

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

The town of Sunnybrook is all out of cheerleaders. There was a car accident, then some murders, and finally, suicide before the rest of the team disbanded. Now five years later the school wants to remember all the lost cheerleaders. However, it will not be easy for Monica because in her stepfather’s desk there are letters and there is an old unearthed cell phone, so clearly, some people around town know much more than they are letting on.

Release Date: July 31st, 2018

Book Nine: When Life Gives You Demons

35795953Next up is When Life Gives You Demons by Jennifer Honeybourn. I have heard a bit about this book and I definitely do plan to give it a read at some point (so it’s on the good ole TBR). The concept does sound very interesting and original so I am excited for it.

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

Shelby Black is preparing to be an exorcist. She has been training to perform exorcists for a while as her uncle a Catholic Priest and her guardian believes she has a gift for dispelling demons. However, even after she has finished exorcist boot camp her uncle doesn’t trust her to perform an exorcism alone. Shelby never tells anyone about her secret exorcism career aside from Spencer her cute math tutor. However, Shelby also has a secret mission to find her mother. Her mother went missing after an exorcism went terribly wrong and her uncle will not talk about it.

Release Date: July 17th, 2018

Book Ten: Notes From My Captivity

35564535For this book we are going to look at Notes From My Captivity by Kathy Parks. I stumbled on this book about a month or so ago on Goodreads and added it to my TBR shelf. It sounded really interesting and I plan to read it alongside almost all of the other books on this list. (I have so many books to read)!

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

This story centers around Adrienne who only cares about three things. First getting into a great college, second becoming an amazing journalist, and third, making her late father proud. Adrienne is given the chance to write the article of a lifetime but she will have to travel to the Siberian wilderness to do so. Its been told that in the wilderness there is a family of hermits living there and if she can find them and write about them it will for sure help get her into the best college. It will also help debunk her stepfather’s belief’s so she is all for this trip! However, the terrain is a lot worse then she thought it would be and when she does find the family they become her captures! Now Adrienne must find a way to get away from this family.

Release Date; July 10th, 2018

Book Eleven: Things Jolie Needs To Do Before She Bites It

35795890Things Jolie Needs To Do Before She Bites It by Kerry Winfrey is another book that I have put on my TBR. I honestly have not heard much about this book but I stumbled upon this book on Goodreads and I became interested in it.

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

Jolie, our main character, has underbite, she is going to have a surgery to correct it but she is months out from this. She has frequent headaches, eating is a pain, and of course, she has yet to have her first kiss. Jolie’s family watches television and their shows consist of those worst-case scenario shows. So Jolie starts to panic and her and her friends make a list of things for her to do before her surgery in case of the worst case.

Release Date: July 10th, 2018

Book Twelve: The Letting Go

35487657This next book I am really interested in and I had not heard of until I was doing some research for this post then I saw some images on Instagram and now I am super into this book. I just really need to read it, it sounds right up my alley! The Letting Go by Deborah Markus, and it also has a really pretty cover that I would love to do some fun pictures with.

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

Emily has no one she loves left in her life. They have all been killed. The killer has never been caught but Emily knows who did it. Emily believes she did. Emily believes that becomes she is the common link someone is doing this to make her suffer and she will not let that happen ever again. So she goes to a boarding school alone. Where she is able to obtain peace until a new girl decides she is going to get close with Emily no matter what and a corpse shows up. Now Emily has problems all over again.

Release Date: July 3rd, 2018

Book Thirteen: I Am Still Alive

36519545I am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall is the next book on our list. I have heard about this book a bit here and there and I am intrigued. I am not sure if I have ever read something similar to it. So I am excited to take on a new adventure.

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

Jess is forced to go to a remote cabin in the Candian wilderness to live with her father after her mother is killed in a car accident, this same accident left Jess injured. However, just as Jess is spending time getting to know her father some mysterious secret from the past visits them and he ends up dead leaving her stranded her alone. Now Jess must become a survivalist to get out of the Candian wilderness alive, she has to live to get revenge for her father!

Release Date: July 24th, 2018

Book Fourteen: Sea Witch

36502054The next book on this list is Sea Witch by Sarah Henning, I only heard about this book super recently from another book person who had preordered it and was so excited for the release. Then I looked into it and was like yes! I will be reading this too. I am a little late to the fantasy train in general and the sea fantasy train but I have been jumping on recently and loving it.

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

If I understand this book correctly it is taking place before what we know as the Little Mermaid’s Tale. And before that, there are three friends, and that is where this book happens! There is one who is feared, one who is royal, and one who is dead. Evie’s best friend Anna drowned and ever since then, she has been considered an outcast in the community, even a witch. Then one day a girl with a resemblance to Anna shows up on the beach and even though this girl says she is not Anna. Evie believes she could be. Then the two girls catch the eyes of two charming princes. However, this new girl has many secrets of her own like she cannot stay on her two legs for long. Evie is determined to do anything to help her. Will this mean she has to harness her own powers? Is Anna really gone? What about these princes?

Release Date: July 31st, 2018

Book Fifteen: Letting Go Of Gravity

36373438The final book I chose to put on this list is Letting Go of Gravity by Meg Leder. I know there are a lot of other books coming out this month too but these are the tops ones that I either recommend or plan to read myself. As for this one, in particular, I have not heard much about it but being very honest the cover drew me in when I saw an image and then I wanted to know more!

Summary: **Again this is mostly from Goodreads and Amazon because I have not read this book yet.

This book centers around twins Charlie and Parker, they are opposites in every way including the fact that Charlie has leukemia. However, Charlie is now in remission and Parker is going off on a great internship than to Harvard to study pediatric oncology, but she is starting to feel a little unsettled about everything. Then she meets a boy named Finn who is leaving graffiti messages all over town that she can not stop thinking about. Finn turns her world upside down and leaves her thinking about things in a different light. Which could be really good for both Charlie and Parker.



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