New Must Reads in October 2019

Happy Spooky month (aka October)!! I love this month like I said in another post-fall and winter times are the best times. New books, new games, new shows, the holidays, the sweaters, the coziness, the decor, I just love it all! When I play sims I always want to start in the fall season because it just rocks. This fall is no exception to that, there are so many new books coming out this season that it feels like I am always telling my spouse “I need to pick up X book or this book comes out this week I really want to get that one.” It’s a great time to be a reader, folks!

Book One: The Beautiful

42265183I have been waiting for this book for what feels like forever! I have wanted to get my hands on this book since I first heard about it. Like vampires coming back and they are New Orleans sign me up for a try!

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

Celine is living in 1872 New Orleans, she has come to New Orleans after having to flee her life in Paris. Here she was taken in by the Ursuline convent and ever since she has been in love with New Orleans, even if it is a city run by the dead. However, one day Celine starts dabbling in the underworld of New Orleans and catches the attention of the ever-charming Sebastien Saint Germain leader of the underworld. But one day one of Celine’s convent members turns up dead in the underworld and then another! Celine must decide who to trust and what to do before everything she loves so much is gone forever.

Release Date: October 8th (Not soon enough because I need it)!

Book Two: Into the Crooked Place

INTO_THE_CROOKED_PLACE6This is another book I feel like I have been waiting forever for. (It feels like I am saying that a lot this fall). I have never read anything by this author before but I know some of her previous books have been really popular and I have been interested in trying them I just have not gotten around to it yet! But this one kind of moved its way up the list, it sounds so intriguing and I just want to place it in the nightstand to read next pile ahead of so many other things.

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

In the streets of Creije, we follow four crooks who are looking to survive! We have Tavia a girl who is ready to pack up her dark magic and leave all this behind her including her criminal past. Next is Wesley, someone you may consider a gangster, he grew up on the streets and has spent much of his life hungry and poor now he will not stop until he has brought the realm to kneel before him. Karam is our third crook, Karam has two different personalities, see at night she is in the fighting rings making herself known but by day she is she watches over some of the city’s worst criminals. Finally, we have Saxony, she is seeking revenge for her family and willing to do whatever it takes to get that revenge. Everything is fine for our four criminals until Tavia makes a terrible mistake that stirs the world!

Release Date: October 8th

Book Three: Now Entering Addamsville

42519323._SY475_So when I recently heard that Francesca Zappia had another book coming out I was like give me! I love Eliza and Her Monsters with a burning passion. I have read that book so many times I have lost count and I am constantly recommending it to people. Honestly, guys, I did not even need to read the summary on this I was just like buy!

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

Zora has been framed for a crime she did not commit and now she must prove her innocence. Someone in Addamsville has burned down the janitor’s house with him inside (and spoiler alert he dies from the blaze) and Zora is being blamed, only Zora definitely did not do it. The biggest problem aside from Zora not having any leads to help prove her innocence is that a similar string of fires already happened once and they never caught the arsonist! Now it’s up to Zora to clear her name and figure out who is really setting the fires.

Release Date: October 1st

Book Four: Our Wayward Fate

36596583._SY475_This is another author that when I heard they were writing a second book I literally did not care what it was about. It could be about the color of grass and I would pick it up instantly and give it a nice home on my shelves because I just love this author’s other book. I think this author is funny and sweet and I can not wait to see what else they have come up with.

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

Ali Chu is a seventeen-year-old and is the only Asian girl in her high school in the middle of nowhere Indiana. So Ali gets through her life by being bland, that is until the day Chase Yu arrives at her school. Chase is also Taiwanese and people instantly think they belong together. Eventually, Ali and Chase do bond but when their parents find out they demand it stop immediately. Ali will stop at nothing to find out why her mother wants them to stop even if it means uncovering some secrets from the past.

Release Date: October 15th

Book Five: Ten Blinds Dates

43885673You all already know I am going to say I am hyped for this book, it almost goes without saying for books on this list! Every book I put on here I am hyped for in some way. Either I have been waiting for it forever, I have just learned about, or I love the author and want it because of that. I was super fortunate that when I learned about this book a few month’s back the publisher sent me an ARC (the review will be up soon on the review page, I read this book almost as soon as I got it in the mail).

Summary:**This will be a brief summary, I will try to avoid spoilers but if you want more details check out the upcoming review on my reviews page or on my Goodreads!

Sophie has one Christmas wish, to have some time alone! She just needs some space from her parents and a little time to herself and with her boyfriend. Then Sophie gets her wish! Her parents announce they are going to visit her sister who is about to have a baby, and Sophie could not be more excited. However, her boyfriend announces at the same time that he wants a break. So now Sophie is getting some unexpected heartbreak for Christmas. With this new development, she heads to her grandparent’s house where her family starts to set her up on ten blind dates!!

Release Date: October 1st

I know there are a lot more releases this month (looking at you ninth house) that I will pick up and I am excited for but these have definitely been the top ones that I have been looking forward too.

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