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I’m Not Dying With You Tonight

Hello! Somehow (and honestly I am still not even sure how) I have been like a reading machine. I am reading like a ton of books lately and killing my TBR piles both virtual and physical. I am really hoping whatever this mood is does not go away anytime soon because I am absolutely loving... Continue Reading →

Hex Vet: Witches in Training

Welcome Back! This was my first (and currently only) read for Februwitchy! This is a readathon that lasts for the whole month of February hosted by Asha (over on Twitter), I saw the post about the readathon in January and knew instantly that I wanted to participate. But there are like a bajillion readathons and... Continue Reading →

It’s My Life

Happy Monday! I had another full week of reading last week which means another full week of reviewing and blogging! My Goodreads shelf is overrun right now with currently reading books (like 20 plus books I think) and being honest I am not currently reading them all. I have either finished many of them, am... Continue Reading →

Giant Days Issue 48

Wow! I feel like it's been a little bit since I wrote a Giant Days review. For a little while there I did not read another issue, it's not because I stopped loving them or did not want to. I just got busy reading so many other things but now I am back visiting the... Continue Reading →

The Devouring Gray

Welcome Back! I read the Devouring Gray and oh man do we have stuff to talk about! I picked up this book last year sometime and was super excited to get the chance to read it, I had heard lots of good and interesting things about it but since I am such a mood reader... Continue Reading →

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