5 new reads for july

Happy July!

I know this post is going up a few days into July (so on-brand for myself lately but anyway the real reason it is a little late this month is because I did not want to post this the same day as I already had some other things set to post). I am not so patiently waiting for so many fall releases to come out but in the meantime, July has some pretty good new releases of its own. Also on top of new book releases, I have been playing the original Bioshock with my spouse and I am officially hooked and it is my new favorite thing (I love the little sisters and the big daddies). If you play video games and you have not checked out Bioshock definitely do so!

Book One: Spin the Dawn

I was super fortunate to get an ebook ARC copy of this book via Netgalley a while back and I have already read this book! My full review is already posted to Goodreads and will go live here on my site closer to its release date. I really enjoyed this book and felt at least for myself that it was a fast-paced fantasy novel that had a really interesting plot!


Maia is the only daughter in her family, her brothers were all sent off to fight in the war and she has been left at home to help her father run his tailor shop. During the course of the war, Maia loses all but one of her brothers and essentially ends up running her father’s shop and becoming an amazing and skilled tailor. However, the shop is not really bringing in enough money for them to really live. Enter the Emporer’s men, they come to Maia’s father’s shop looking for her father or brother to take one of them off to become the master tailor of the Emporer but Maia knows that neither is able to sew like her. She has to be the one to go, but girls are not allowed to be masters of their crafts. Will Maia become a Master Tailor? How? Who might she meet on this journey that could help her along the way?

Release Date: July 9th

Book Two: The Merciful Crow

This is another fantasy book (I am feeling fantasy for the month of July which is usually a month where36483378._SX318_ I pick up a lot of contemporary). I heard about this book and saw the cover of this book a long time ago and immediately got excited for it. I just felt like it was a fantasy that I would be interested in. I struggle with fantasy sometimes and I know I can not listen to them on audiobook if I truly want to enjoy a fantasy book so I am super pumped to get my hands on this book!

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

Three very different characters; a future chieftain, a fugitive prince, and a too cunning bodyguard all with their own ideas, rules, and problems. However, when a deal comes around that is too good not to take what will happen with our three main characters?

Release Date: July 30th

Book Three: Wilder Girls

42505366I have been beyond hyped for this book for so long!! I love the cover, the plot, the characters, I just love it all and I need it. I was able to get an ebook ARC of this book on Netgalley however, I have not read it yet (as of writing this post anyway).  The way I currently read is to have one physical book, one audiobook, a few graphic novels (those are for in between books), and one Kindle or ebook.

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

Hetty’s school was put under quarantine 18 months ago after the Tox started hitting. First it killed the teachers, then it began infecting other students, now Hetty stuck on this island home does not dare go outside the fenced-in area as the Tox has infected everything. However, when Byatt goes missing Hetty would do anything to get her back. Including go outside of the fence, but when she does she learns so much more about the Tox, her school, and everything that is going on in the world.

Release Date: July 9th (Not soon enough!!)

Book Four: Soul of Stars

38880852._SY475_Alright, some truth time! I have not read the first book in this series however, I love Ashley Poston and her books so much I couldn’t not talk about this book. I have every intention of reading this series and it is in my TBR however, my TBR as we all know is miles long! I love the covers for these books, I think they are drop-dead gorgeous and with the bit of shiny they have on the hardcover editions it makes them really pop.

Summary: **Since I have not read the first book in the series and I do not want to spoil anything for myself I have decided in situations like these that I would not post a summary! I like to not know a ton about most sequel books I go into reading and I feel it would ruin some things about the book for myself.

Release Date: July 23rd

Book Five: Just My Luck

36212228._SY475_When I saw that Jennifer Honeybournwas coming out with another book I was beyond excited. I have wanted to read her other book for a long time and I still have it on my TBR (I pre-ordered a paperback copy but something went weird and I ended up canceling but I think I am going to order a hardback copy once I get settled into my new place). So anyway long story about the other book aside I was super pumped when I heard about this book. I am also lucky enough to have received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am currently reading this book and should have finished it soon and have my review ready hopefully before the release date! But no promises 🙂

Summary: **Since I have not read this book I have summarized the Goodreads and Amazon summary for this page so that you guys can have the most accurate ideas about the book!

Marty has awful luck but she knows why she has this bad luck. Marty works at an upper-class hotel in Maui and she steals small items from guests room. She figures this is the only way she can get rich but with this terrible bad luck, she knows the only way to correct it is to return all the items to the guests she has stolen from. Then Marty meets Will and she falls for him, a guest at the hotel. Her luck begins to change and she thinks Will is special. But what about these new misunderstandings and accidents at the hotel will Marty be blamed or has her luck not really turned around?

Release Date: July 16th




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