Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag!

Mid-year Book Freak Out Tag

Welcome back!

Today we are going to tackle the mid-year book freak out tag! I am honestly not sure where this tag originated from but I will link a few of the tags I have seen down below form last year and this year. But let’s get right down to it!

1. Best book I have read so far in 2020: This is a tough one! But I as of right now (not counting my current reads) I think the winner is either What I Like About You or Love Boat Taipei! I just can not stop thinking about both of these books and I utterly adored the stories and characters.

2. Best Sequel I have read so far in 2020: I think my best sequel so far would have to be one of the Giant Days issues I read (perhaps the one about McGraw)! Again I am not counting the books I am currently reading.

3. New Release I have not read yet, but really want to: There are so many books I want to put down for this one but I am going to stick to three. The first one is Parachutes, the second one is Beach Read, and my final pick would have to be The Betrothed! I have so many others that are either coming out (like not yet out) or came out pretty recently (and even a ton of backlist titles), that I really want to get too!

4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year:  Again, there are so many books I have my eyes on for the rest of the year and that I can not wait till they are at my door but let’s just stick to talking about three! The first one is I Think I Love You, the second one is Crazy Stupid Bromance, and the third one is Kingdom of the Wicked! There are so many others I can not wait to read but these are definitely some of the ones at the top of my list.

5. Biggest Disappointment: I think so far this would have to be the Other Mrs. I picked this adult thriller up on a whim as an audio book. You can see my full review on my book review page but it was definitely not the read I thought it was going to be.

6. Biggest Surprise: The biggest surprise so far has to be Eat, and Love Yourself. I got this graphic novel a little early as a Netgalley ARC and read the entire thing in one sitting. Falling head over heels in love with the story and main characters. So much so that I read this book twice then pre-ordered myself a copy!

7. Favorite new author (debut or new to you): I think this one might have to go to Suzanne Park! I just finished reading her book the Perfect Escape and I am in love! I also saw she has another book coming out in August and I have already pre-ordered because I need to read this new book.

8. New Fictional Crush: I do not know if I have a new fictional crush but I will say the husband in the Bromance Bookclub might be close to becoming one! I just loved that book so much!

9. New Favorite Character: This was another tough choice but I think I am going to go with my crew from What I Like About You! I loved these characters so much and I am constantly still thinking about this story and wanting more with these characters and this world. I do not even care what the story is about I just want more with this group.

10. Book that made you cry: I do not cry often when reading however, the issue of Gaint Days about Mcgraw I cried. It hit a little close to home in some aspects.

11. Book that made you happy: There have definitely been a few books that I have read so far this year that have made me happy. The Perfect Escape is maybe the most recent read that has made me happy. Before that, I would say Loveboat Taipei, The Bromance Book Club, What I Like About You, and the Unhoneymooners are all books that made me happy! There are definitely others going further back in my reading list from this list.

12. Most beautiful book you have bought this year: If we were talking books I have not read yet that I bought it would hands down be Clap When You Land! If we are looking at the books I bought that I have read so far this year I would pick Don’t Read the Comments! I really love this cover and I love all the variations on this cover I have seen.

13. What books do you need to read by the end of the year: All of them! I have so many books I would love to read by the end of the year but currently, on the nightstand TBR we have Thunderhead (I am reading that right now), The Thousandth Floor, I’ll Give You The Sun, My Plain Jane, and Permanent Record! Remember what’s in the nightstand stack does not count what I might pick up as an audiobook or on my kindle!

Here are some of the mid-year book freakout tags I have seen from this year and last year!


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