Giant Days #47


First I can not believe we are even here. Giant Days #47, not I know there are series that are much longer than this but I have not read them, this is probably the longest series I have ever read. I am still really sad to know this is ending but as I continue to read each issue I am still so in love with this world and it’s characters. As always since I am so far into this series I will try super hard not to spoil anything but I will still have my spoiler warning below. The issue before this I loved so much that I was just could not wait to read another issue. After reading this issue, I still really enjoyed it and I loved the plot but I do think the Susan detective story is one of my top five favorite issues!


Daisy has decided to get her license! She is going to like a drivers ed type school where she takes driving classes with instructors to help her prepare for her test. But Daisy is not a great driver and all the instructors hate teaching her. While Daisy is struggling with her drivers license Ester learns about a secret being kept in the house by one of her roommates and McGraw’s brother comes to town to stay with him and Susan before his wedding.

While I definitely loved this one it will not make my top five favorite issues of Giant Days (I may publish that list someday when the series is all done, we shall see). But I definitely enjoyed this plot and seeing McGraw’s brother. I also enjoyed seeing more of Ester is her home with her roommates and her sharing a secret with one of them! Additionally, Daisy learning to drive was a fun new adventure that I think could lead to some other adventures in the future! I am giving this one five stars on Goodreads!

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