Komi Can’t Communicate Vol. 1

Happy Thursday!

One of the gifts I got for Christmas was the first three volumes in a manga series called Komi Can’t Communicate. Now I usually (meaning all last year) did not post about manga here or anywhere on my bookish media. However, I love reading manga and I have some favorites (looking at you Ancient Magus Bride), but I thought maybe this year I would share those. I believe they definitely count as books and I honestly do not know why I did not share them last year. So the other night I settled in and I got to read the first volume of Komi Can’t Communicate and I love this manga so freaking much (I have already ordered the other volumes that are available in America and pre-ordered several more).


5992-SeriesHeaders_Komi_2000x800Tadano kind of blends in at high school that is until the next school year starts and he is attending an elite private school. On his first day at this new elite private school, Tadano is sat (by the teacher) next to what might be the most popular girl in school. However, she will not talk to him, but it’s not just him she does not talk to anyone. Komi has a communication disorder and does not speak to anyone. The other kids all love her and she is super popular but she truly does not have any friends and no one she talks to. One day all the other students leave the classroom and Komi and Tadano are sitting there alone, Tadano attempts to speak to her but Komi does not reply, that is verbally but Komi starts responding to him in writing! Through this conversation, Tadano learns that Komi’s biggest goal is to make 100 friends which might be hard to do since she does not talk to anyone. So Tadano offers to be her first friend and help her make 99 more!

I absolutely adore this manga! I can not wait to see where Komi’s 100 friend journey takes her. In this first volume alone she makes three friends total and she gets her first cell phone (which was perhaps one of the cutest sweetest moments of all). I love how Tadano did not want to give up on talking to her, offered to be her friend, and is clearly invested in helping her make other friends. I am giving this five stars on Goodreads and would highly recommend this manga!

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