Girls With Sharp Sticks

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! I think I maybe said that already in another post but let’s say it again! My new reading year is off to a pretty good start. I finished Girls With Sharp Sticks, finished a manga I got for Christmas, and I am starting another book later today. Additionally, I have bought a bunch of books, got two new bookcases, and more bookish fun! So I would say my new year is definitely off and running. I will say I do still need to go back and do one of my favorite photos (I like to take a picture with all the books I read last year that I have a physical copy of, I just think it is super cool to see them all together in one place and it’s fun to see that number in a tangible way sometimes instead of just on my Goodreads counter). But for now, let’s talk about this book because wow what a good pick. I loved this book so much and I am so ready to read the squeal (which I will be doing ASAP)!


Mena attends a super-elite all-girls school where she learns all sorts of things, just not things that you would normally learn in school. For example, gardening, sending out invitations, housekeeping, etc.. All the things that society might think would make her a perfect woman are taught to her in this school. However, Mena and her friends do not see this as weird because of a few reasons. First, they have very limited exposure to the outside world and definitely no internet (so they do not really know anything else). Secondly, Mena and her friends believe that the people running the school, the investors, and their parents are just doing what is best for them and their future. But one day when all the girls and some of the school staff are out on a field trip some things happen. From this day forward it seems some of the girls are “waking up” and these girls must be sent to impulse control therapy. However, “waking up” is changing the game and the girls are starting to learn some of the biggest secrets that the academy holds and these secrets do not just apply to the school but also to the girls themselves.

I really do not want to give away too much but I will say from the start I already felt like something was up with this situation that maybe the girls were not entirely human but I was not sure what else they could be for sure. By the end of the story, this is revealed to the reader and I was not totally wrong in my guess but also not 100% correct either. If I am being honest I love taking guesses at plots and making predictions but I also really love when I am not always correct it makes the story and the twists all the more enjoyable and I feel like that was the case with this book for me! Additionally, I find the cover on this book and the sequel so pretty and intriguing I absolutely love them! I am giving this book five stars on Goodreads and highly suggest if you are looking for a good sci-fi or mystery (it’s not a total mystery book but it does have some mysteries within the plot like what is this school?!) to check this one out!

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