Giant Days Vol 46

Happy New Year!

This is my first review of 2020 and while technically I finished this book in 2019, I did not have time like I wanted to get this post written ahead of time (I also did not get the chance to finish the last 50 pages of Girls with Sharp Sticks but I have been sick so…). Anyhow as many of you already know I am in love with the Giant Days series and I am deeply sad and in denial that the series is ending soon. (Also still always awaiting the come back of Saga). On Christmas Eve Eve my husband and I were puppy sitting for his parents while they were driving back from the airport with his sister and once the puppy finally decided to take settle down a little bit (after several hours of playing) I got the chance to read this volume of Giant Days (which was the perfect size because the puppy did not rest for long) and let me just say I absolutely adored this volume!

SPOILERS AHEAD (but not too many because we are very far into the series)

aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbWEuY29tL2ltYWdlcy9pLzAwMC8yNTkvNjY5L2kwMi9HaWFudERheXMuanBnThe Dark Nebula comic book shop where Esther has been working for a little while now has been experiencing theft! This theft is hurting the business greatly and none other than Susan is on the case. She is going to figure out who is stealing from the store and help them recover from these thefts. In this volume we watch Susan put on her L.A. Noire detective hat while our other ladies follow her on the journey to catch the thief and get the merchandise back to the store.

I already said it above but I will say it again! I adore this volume! It was just what I needed and it was perfect. Getting to watch detective Susan and the other two girls following her as she uncovers who is stealing from the shop and why is such a cute little mystery. I know this is not essential to the main plotline but it was by far one of my favorite little side journeys we have been on with our trio. I am giving this volume all the stars on Goodreads and I supremely look forward to reading it again soon. It is definitely in my top five volumes of this series.

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