Green Lantern: Legacy

Hello Again!

It’s currently almost midnight when I am writing this review but things have been kind of crazy with the holidays and all the other things. However, here I am up late because I have started staying up late because I am off of work for a little while and I am just messing my sleep schedule all up. But I just finished vacuuming my bedroom, making a gallon of tea, and doing some other housework and was like I am going to write some reviews! Once I start wrecking my sleep schedule and staying up super late I get either really productive and get a lot of work done or play all the games (mostly a lot of sims). Tonight, it’s really productive on the work side and this graphic novel was on my list to review (because I finished reading it a few weeks ago and I have been itching to write some thoughts on it).


Tai is a 13-year-old living with his family above his grandmother’s store, things are not perfect but he likes his life and he loves his family and friends. There is a lot of trouble in Tai’s neighborhood. One day Tai inherits his grandmother’s Jade ring and turns into a Green Lantern. However, Tai has no idea what that is, what his powers, are, what is going on, or why his Grandmother left this ring to him. After her recent death, he has so many questions and no real answers until he meets another Green Lantern and begins to learn more about the ring and his grandmother’s life as a Green Lantern. However, on his way to learning to be a Green Lantern Tai will have to decide if he will become a hero or if he will join the other side of this fight?

I have to say I went into this knowing literally nothing about Green Lantern. I had never even seen the movie. Having said that, I think this graphic novel did an amazing job teaching my all about Green Lantern and sharing that universe with me. The illustrations in this graphic novel were beyond amazing and I was constantly staring at them and going back and looking them over even after I finished reading the story. Additionally, I am super hyped to read the next graphic novel in this series because I just want to know more about the Green Lanterns in general and Tai’s journey. I think if you are like me and know little to nothing about the Green Lantern this is the perfect graphic novel to jump into the universe with. I am giving this graphic novel five stars on Goodreads!


**I was given an E-ARC copy of this book on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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