Hello! Happy Friday! Welcome to the Booktube Watching Tag!

I literally had the perfect title for a Fun Friday post but I am saving it to go with the perfect post. For today, I want to do a tag! I have not done a tag as my fun Friday post since the Pokemon book tag a few months ago so I felt like it was time. Plus I wanted to do something fun and this particular tag has been sitting in my watch later list on booktube for like ever because I knew I wanted to do it and I wanted to remember the questions! I knew instantly when I first saw this tag on Super Space Chick’s youtube channel that I wanted to do this tag (side note I love the graphic she has at the top of her Youtube page). I watch so much booktube and my watch later list is dominated by tons of different booktubers so I just wanted to share all that with every one and this tag seemed like an awesome way to do it!

Question 1: How many booktube channels are you subscribed to?

Answer: So for this one it would be really hard to give an exact answer. I have a ton of subs on my Youtube (where I do have my own channel but I have only ever made like two videos, maybe I will make more someday??) but I use my husband’s Youtube account a lot because it is signed into like everything (the TV, the PS4, the desktop) so it is just easier. This means that I am subbed to a lot of accounts twice, once on my account and once on his and some are only on his. But if I had to guess I would say I am subbed to at least 50 channels!

Question 2: When do you normally watch Booktube?

Answer: This really depends. Somedays I watch Booktube on my lunch break! Other days I watch Booktube at night in bed with a book and sometimes I chill with Booktube on the couch or while doing some work at the desktop computer in the office. So really just whenever the mood hits me to watch.

Question 3: How do you balance booktube watching, reading, and making your own videos?

Answer: Since I have not made a booktube video in a long time I do not feel I can accurately answer this one. But I do post frequently on the blog! I honestly don’t know, I just kind of make time because it is all something I enjoy so much.

Question 4: Is there a difference between videos you like watching and videos you like making?

Answer: Again, I have not made a video in a long time but maybe i will again soon! But for now, based on past experiences I would say no.

Question 5: Who is the first booktuber you subscribed to and do you still watch them?

Answer:Hailey in Bookland! And yes I still watch her videos all the time! I feel like I know her since I watch her videos so much. Someone on book twitter was just talking about the thing that happens when you watch so many videos and vlogs from one booktuber and then you feel like you know them but they totally do not know you. This idea completely resonates with me and I feel like so many other people.

Question 6: Who is the most recent Booktuber you subscribed too?

Answer: Hmmm this one I had to think about but I think it might have been G from Book Roast! I found her more recently and I absolutely love her channel and feel like I was missing out.

Question 7: Share an old favorite Booktuber

Answer: So for this one I would totally go with Hailey because she is the first booktuber I ever found and then it totally opened up a whole new world for me (so thank you)!!! If I had to recommend another old favorite I would say Jesse the Reader or Emmmabooks! Jesse was maybe the second or third Booktube channel I subbed too and I still watch like pretty soon (like as soon as I can) after he posts! I feel like his videos have this positive vibe I just need in my day! I found Emma right after I found Jesse and I just feel like I relate so hard to her videos and book choices.

Question 8: Share a new favorite Booktuber

Answer: Since I already mentioned G above, I will go with Pastel Pages or Zoereads! I found them both pretty recently (maybe a little after G) and I just love both of their channels. I think they are both awesome people and I enjoy getting to watch their vlogs or videos after a long day of work!

Question 9: What is one of your Booktube pet peeves?

Answer: I honestly can not think of any right now but watch one come up now. :/

Question 10: What have you learned from watching other Booktubers?

Answer: It’s okay to DNF books or just not feel like reading one particular book that everyone else is reading!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this tag and learning a little bit about all the booktube channels I watch. I definitely watch many other booktube channels than I mentioned in the tag. Some others I would suggest checking out are Jes Nevertheless, Chelseadollingreads, and ReadbyZoe! There are still so many other channels I watch and still so many others out there to discover so feel free to leave some of your favorite channels in the comments!

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